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Are you too busy to remember important things?

Sick of post it notes and scraps of paper everywhere, or maybe you still tie string around your finger to remind you of things you must do?

Don't worry any longer your solution is right here!


Welcome to The Reminder Assistant...

Being a busy person shouldn't mean that you lose your memory or continually forget important things... There's only so many things you can fit into your brain in one day right? And as many every day people and busy business owners would know from experience, there are thousands of little things you do each and every day.

But imagine how embarrassing it would be to forget an important appointment or not to show up at a show like you said you would -- because you simply forgot? We know that sometimes it all becomes a bit much for the regular person to remember everything. Just because we work on computers doesn't have to mean that our brains are computers too!

Well if you find that you just can't remember all those 'other' important tasks that get waylaid because of your workload, here's a service that you'll find most helpful to your work day.

It's a reminder service with a difference... Most reminder services work to send you one email a day, but what if you have more than one thing to do at different times of the day? That's where comes in.

Our nifty tool allows you to set reminders at particular times of the day that will be automatically sent to your E-mail inbox to remind you to carry out all those important things.
It can be used for business or personal use, depending on your own individual needs. Here are some examples of reminders that you could set.


What our users are saying:

"The Reminder Assistant is my new best friend, It has saved me on so many occasions, and now my boss thinks I am the best!"
Julie M.
Englewood, New Jersey


"I just wanted to let you know I use The Reminder Assitant each and every day and it is the best thing I have ever found on the internet, only wish I found it sooner!"

Andrea J.
Las Vegas, Nevada


"Now I'll never have my phone shut off again, because I am reminded when to send in my payment, thanks to The Reminder Assistant!"
Steve Y..
Ft Lauderdale, Florida

Does your day look similar to this?

Business Reminders:

Tuesday 24 April 2007
10.00am: Send out email to advertiser's list
2.00pm: Review and complete new article
4.00pm: Arrange cocktail party for office

Wednesday 25 April 2007
7.30am: 1 hour meeting with staff
9.00am: Check credit card payment
11.00am: Pick up for FedEx
2.30pm: Setup dinner for the Jones's
4.00pm: Send out samples for new product

Or maybe your day looks like this...

Personal Reminders

Wednesday 25 April 2007
8.30am: Dentist appointment
1.30pm: Meet with school principal
4.00pm: Pick up Johnny from band practice
4.15pm: Pick up dry cleaning
7.00pm: Meet Jenny at the movies

Friday 27 April 2007
8.00am: Get camping gear ready for tonight
9.00am: Buy batteries for torches and insect spray
3.00pm: Don't forget to buy dry ice on the way!


Typically most people could have many reminders that they could add into the system to keep them on top of the seemingly endless list of daily chores and work tasks. Just consider that the more reminders you add in, the more organized you will become.

Adding new tasks to our system is quick and easy. All you need to do is select the day and time, then add your reminder with the details. Then at the designated time, you'll receive an email reminding you to carry out the specified task. is very simple and straightforward...
Even a child could use this service it's that easy.

There are two membership types available for you to choose from:

Free Trial Membership
The Free membership option allows you to save up to 10 different tasks to be reminded of. This free trial is setup so you can test our system and see it actually work. You will have 7 days for the tryout.
Advanced Membership
The Advanced membership allows you to save 100 reminder tasks in our system.

If you need help organizing the multitude of tasks you have at hand every day, then is the perfect tool for you to utilize in your day-to-day business or personal life.

If you're sick of people saying that you're hopelessly forgetful and would probably forget your head if it wasn't screwed on... don't get mad, get even and use to help you stay ahead of your tasks!

It's easy, it's straightforward and it's quick. It's like having an assistant who reminds you to stop what you're doing and get the next assigned task completed on time.

Once you use , you won't be able to do without it!

Instead of trying to rack your brain to remember what it was that you had to do, or scrabbling through a pile of post-it notes that have blown all over the place looking for that important appointment -- utilize to achieve what you initially set out to do much faster than ever before. No more wasting time and effort on pointless pursuits.

Ready to try our service now? You might as well seeing as it's free!
Don't do it later or we'll send you a reminder.

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